Can I put garden waste in my domestic waste/grey bin?

  • No, you should not put any garden waste into your grey domestic waste bin, apart from invasive or pernicious weeds listed below.
  • We will not empty domestic waste bins if they contain garden waste and our collection team will leave information about what you should do. It will be your responsibility to remove the garden waste so that your domestic waste bin can be emptied the following week. 
  • Weeds that can be put in your domestic waste bin in small quantities: Giant Hog Weed, Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, Wolfsbane, Horsetail, Himalayan Knotweed, Hedge Bindweed, Common Ragwort, Hairy Bittercress and Deadly Nightshade. 
  • None of these should be composted or put in your garden waste bin as they either difficult to control and spread very quickly or are poisonous to grazing animals.