I live in a complex or group of properties that share a garden waste bin(s) – how do we pay?

Any individual in the complex or group of properties can pay for the yearly subscription and share the payment between others for one or multiple garden waste bins.  

How your group of properties decides to share the payment will however, need to be decided between the properties involved.  If there are any queries or disputes we suggest that you discuss this with whomever you pay rent/ground rent or service charge for the maintenance of any communal green space.  They may decide to pay for the garden waste collection service and then pass on the shared cost to the properties that are benefitting from the service. 

Any individual who has their own garden in the complex and wants their own garden waste collection can pay for their own garden waste collection subscription.  However if they are concerned that others in the complex will use the garden waste bin without their consent, the garden waste bin should be stored at a location where it cannot be used by others.