Waste collection in HMO's

If your property is a house in multiple occupation you may find that you need a slightly different arrangement for the collection of rubbish (and recycling).  These are the typical bin capacities that could be provided (but don’t take in consideration recycling provision), for example only:

Number of households per HMO Domestic refuse (or mixed household waste)

Recycling (for separated recyclable packaging)

- This is subject to to site suitability

Up to 4 people  1 x 180 Litre Grey wheelie bin per household 1 x 240 Litre Blue lid wheelie bin per household
5+ people

HMOs with 5 or more households will need to be assessed to check what the storage and access arrangements are before bulk bins can be purchased by the landlord.  

As a guide the following bins would need to be provided:

up to 6 bedrooms - one x 1100 Litre domestic waste containers
up to 12 bedrooms - two x 1100 Litre domestic waste containers
up to 18 bedrooms - three x 1100 Litre domestic waste containers

Normally the waste collection service will visit the location to check what space is available to store waste/recycling containers, discuss options (if any) of bin sizes and types along with agree what the collection arrangements will be on the collection day.  
To request a site visit please call the council’s call centre on 0121 368 1177 during office hours or log your request using the Complaints form.

The current cost of a 1100 Litre container is a one-off cost of £360 (plus VAT) with a delivery charge of £35.  

Where the individual small wheelie bins are provided (subject to suitable storage and space for bins to be put out at the edge of property on collection day) the first container is free but any replacements (i.e lost or stolen) are chargeable. You can see the current costs by visiting the Sandwell Council Website.

Please note that until a bin collection service has been set up for your property, that you are responsible for disposing of any domestic wastes produced on the property.