What happens if I am not a Fit and Proper Person?

If you are not considered Fit and Proper Person in terms of the 2004 Housing Act, then we will work with you and try and find someone else that you know, either a relative or business partner, who is eligible to hold a HMO Licence for you.

Can you refuse me the Licence?

Yes, we will refuse to give you a licence if you don’t pass the Fit and Proper Person check. We can also refuse to give you a licence if the property is not of suitable standard. 

The council will not grant a Licence where:

  • Properties which are clearly well below the minimum prescribed standard.
  • Where there appears to be little prospect of work being carried out within a reasonable period.
  • Where the health, safety and welfare of the occupiers is at imminent risk.

Can I appeal the refusal of my Licence? 

Yes, if you are refused a licence then you will be able to dispute and appeal the decision. If the appeal goes through in your favour, then you may be able to receive your Licence. There is hardly any refusals to Licences, so you shouldn't worry about your Licence getting refused. As long as you stick to the requirements and standards, you will definitely be able to gain a Licence.