HMO Licence fees

HMO Licence fees from 1 April 2023 - 31 March 2024

First application for an HMO licence  

First payment

Second payment





Renewal Licence Fee  

First Payment

Second Payment





Our fee's go up on the 1st April each year and any payments from this date will be subject to a new charge amount.

If you have a smaller HMO in the West Bromwich area then you may be affected by our new Additional Licensing Scheme and will also have to pay the above Fees.
Visit our Additional Licensing page
Please note that fees apply for both Mandatory Licences and Additional Licences for the specified area in West Bromwich. 

The proposed Licence Holder may claim any of the following discounts for being a member of the following landlord organisations or for second and subsequent properties.
Membership of MLAS (Midland Landlord Accredication Scheme) or has recieved any training/professional qualifications in housing and/or housing management (to be provided) (initial application) £165.00
Membership of NRLA (National Residential Landlord Association) or similar organisations (to be provided) £55.00
Discount for second and subsequent properties £55.00

Please make sure you have all your documents to hand before you apply. The online form will work out what you need to pay and payment will be taken at the end of the application.

You'll have the option to 'Pay by Card' at the end of the process or 'Pay Later'. Your application will not be processed until payment has been made.