Event monitoring and evaluation

To ensure compliance with your plans, documentation and Safety Advisory Group advice, the Sandwell events team will monitor your events once they are in place.


The Sandwell events team and any other authorised officers have a right of entry to your event at all times.
All businesses, entertainers and contractors are expected to be competent and to be adhering to relevant legislation and codes of practice.
Should Sandwell Council decide your event has failed to meet our terms and conditions and/or licence, the council is entitled to suspend the operation of your event until such a period considered necessary to ensure failures or breaches are rectified.

Mystery shoppers

To help Sandwell showcase an improve the cultural offer within the Borough, the Council has event a small team of voluntary mystery shoppers. These volunteers provide useful feedback to both us, SAG and event organisers. Whilst they are unable to attend every event we do request that two tickets are made available.

Debrief, event log and post-event evaluation

We recommend all events in Sandwell undertake a de-brief after the event. We will send you a post event evaluation form which we will fill in as well as you so we are able to identify any successes and issue together and improve your event over years to come.

All events over 2,000 people over 2000 people are expected to keep an event log of decision making and key incidents. This should be available to share with Sandwell Council and Sandwell SAG immediately on request.

After larger events we may invite you back for a meeting with council officers and/or SAG for a fuller debrief.