Waste Management/Toilets

All waste must be taken away at the end of your event and the site left clean and tidy. For this you may engage with litter pickers for keeping the site clear and/or hire in bins or skips for the collection of rubbish.

Some of Sandwell's sites do have toilet facilities available however there may not be enough or they may not be open during your event so you will need to bring your own on to the site. You can calculate how many toilets you will need on site using this table.


Female Toilets

Male Toilets

Less than 6 hours duration

1 per 100

1 per 500, plus 1 urinal per 150

6 hours or more duration, with little or no alcohol or food served

1 per 85

1 per 425, plus 1 urinal per 125

6 hours or more duration, with alcohol and food served in quantity

1 per 75

1 per 400, plus 1 urinal per 100