Informing people about your event

It is important to let people know about your event whether that is advertising and promoting to people you wish to attend or speaking to stakeholders and residents who may be impacted by your activity.


Advertising and promotion of events in Sandwell is a great thing and not only raises awareness of your event but showcases the great things going on in Sandwell council's area.
We ask that you do not promote your event until you have received approval in principle. We also ask in order to protect the Council's reputation that we have sight of your marketing materials to ensure they are in line with our policies and are appropriate.

We do not support flyposting.

We do however have an active website and active social media and we are more than happy to discuss cross promotion.

Stakeholders and residents

For some events we may ask you to produce a stakeholder and resident impact assessment.

The purpose of a resident impact assessment is to:

  • Consider the potential impacts of the event on local residents.
  • Put in place mitigations to reduce these impacts.
  • Engage residents in the mitigations to reduce these impacts (this may be in writing, online, through residents' groups, or a meeting).

The types of mitigations will vary, but can include:

  • Additional security requirements, to deter anti-social behaviour that may arise from an event.
  • Additional parking restrictions and traffic management measures to ensure residents can easily access and exit the area they live in.
  • Free tickets to a ticketed event, as a thank you for additional noise - for example, a music event that runs until 9pm.

A resident impact assessment does not mean that the event approval is dependent on all residents agreeing to the event. However, Sandwell Council will take account of the resident impact assessment and may ask you to:

  • Increase the mitigations planned.
  • Make changes to the nature / programme / logistics of the event, if the mitigations necessary are not possible with the current plan