Fees and charges

There is a fee for all events in Sandwell Council other than those organised by Parks and nature reserve friends groups and civic events such as Remembrance parades.
The fee is calculated relative to the size of the event and which classification it falls into. The fees are based on a one-day event.

Event Type Non Commercial Fee Commercial Fee
Small Event or Sports Activity Venue Hire Only Venue Hire Only
Up to 249 people £59 £363
250 – 499 people £121 £607
500 – 999 people £241.50 £1,215
1,000 – 1,999 people £486 £2,433
2,000 – 4,999 people £729 £6,265
5,000+ people Spec Price Spec Price
Event Fee Includes Event Fee Does Not Include
  • Administration costs of processing the event paperwork
  • Cost of representatives to assess safety measures in place
  • Cost of checks of paperwork and verification documents
  • Cost of Safety Advisory Group (SAG) administration
  • Cost of land use for one day (subject to premium surcharge)
  • Equipment or event infrastructure (hire from council available if required)
  • Road closure / traffic management costs
  • Parking restrictions or parking provision
  • Event management support or on-site safety management
  • Reparation of damage
Fee Type Fee non/commercial Fee commercial

Event Infrastructure & Equipment
Various charges based on option: gazebo, stage, PA system, barriers, etc..
Event Management Support (per hour) £54.15 £84.15
Event Fast Track Application Fee £50 £150

Premium Land Hire:

  • Town Centre High Streets
  • Green Flag Parks
  • Sandwell Valley Showground
10% surcharge 20% surcharge

Indoor Venue Hire:

  • Council room hire
  • Sandwell Valley Venue Hire
  • Lightwoods Venue Hire
  • Museums Venue Hire
  • Libraries Venue Hire
  • Sports Venue Hire
Various: Charged in addition to event fee, based on hourly/daily rate for indoor venue.

Other Fees:

  • Traffic Management Orders
  • Parking Suspensions
  • Level of indemnity/reinstatement
  • Refuse services
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Licencing
Various charges based on option