Website and cookies

To improve your experience when you view our website, we sometimes place small data files on your computer. These data files are known as cookies. These files help to make sure your browsing experience on our website is simple, quick, safe and fun.

We operate our website through a third party organisation called Jadu and they set two cookies on the site:



Test cookie

To check whether your browser can accept cookies

Session cookie

To store your browser session ID

These cookies are set to expire after you quit your browser. They do not hold your personal information.

We also use Google Analytics to collect information about how people use our site. Your personal information is not stored and we do not allow Google to use or share our analytics information. The cookies in the table below are set by Google Analytics:

Google Cookie








Information about how you use our site

Number of visitors to our site

Where visitors have come to our site from

You can opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics and access their privacy policy.

Remember, our cookies do not retain your personal information and they are set to expire in one hour max.