Your rights under the law

Here are the rights you have and what they mean when we are in possession of your personal information.

Right to be Informed

We must tell you what information we need from you, why we need your information, the law that allows us process your information, how we will process your information, if we share your information and with who we share, the rights the law has allowed you to exercise, how long we intend to keep your information, how you can access your information with us, how to contact our Data Protection Officer, and how to contact the Information Commissioners Office.

Right of Access

You can request to see your personal information we hold. When you exercise this right, it is called a Subject Access Request. The law mandates us to respond within one month of receiving your request.

Right to Rectification

If you discover that the information we hold about you is incomplete or wrong, depending on the reason for collecting that information, we can correct the information without delay.

Right to Erasure

There may be occasions when we no longer need your information for the particular reason it was collected, if you had to give us permission to use your personal information (consent) and you would like to withdraw that permission, and where we may be holding that information against the law. If this should ever happen, you are allowed to request that the council should securely remove this information from our systems.

Right to Restriction of Processing

Instead of asking us to remove your personal information from our systems, in cases where you have concerns that the information is incorrect, or no longer needed by us, or you question the lawful reason we gave for holding your information, you can ask us to limit the use of the information. It might also be that you want us to hold on to the information because you might need it for a legal purpose.

When you make any request, we will investigate whether you are entitled to have your request granted. Even if we find out that you are not entitled to this right in a particular circumstance, we will still let you know before we continue to use your information.

Right to Data Portability

If you had to give us permission to use your personal information (consent), or we collected your personal information to process an employment contract and this personal information is processed automatically by our computers, you can ask for a copy of this information in digital format (that is, in a format that another computer can read) and/or transferred to another local authority or organisation.

It is important that we let you know this right will not always apply, because we provide most of our services as a public authority and the law allows us to be exempt from this right most of the time.

Right to Object

You have a right to ask us to stop processing information that refers to your particular circumstance. The law allows you to request that we do not continue to use the particular information. Where we refuse your request, we will respectfully give you our reasons.

Right to Reject Automated Decisions

The law allows you to refuse or reject the results from the automated processing of your personal information regarding health, economic status, personal preferences, interests, performance at work, reliability, behaviour, location, movements and anything that affects you legally. You also have the right in such a case, to ask that a human processes the information instead.

However, this right will not apply in many of the functions we perform in our role as a public authority and if the processing involves entering into a contract with you.

You can make a request for any of the rights listed above by contacting the council using the contact details in Section 9.