How to access your personal information with us

We realise on occasion, you might want to see information we have collected about you, along with an explanation of the lawful basis we used to obtain and process it.

Such a request is called a Subject Access Request. You can do this by telling us verbally or in writing. Here is useful guidance to follow when you do this:

  • Decide what personal information you want us to look for. For example, an application you made for a school place
  • Then, tell us what you want, in person, by phone or in writing
  • Fill out any forms we ask for
  • Provide any form of identification we ask for

How do I make a Subject Access Request?

Apply online via a MySandwell Account


(You can log in with your existing MySandwell account details or register for a new MySandwell Account)


Alternatively, you may wish to download and complete our Subject Access Request Form.


It's not necessary for you to apply online or complete this form in order to submit a Subject Access Request, but they provide a useful guide to what details we need in order to respond.


If you would like further guidance about how to submit a request for personal information, contact the Information Governance team at