Personal information we collect

We will collect personal details appropriate to the service you require. No more information will be collected than is required to deliver that service.

Here is a list of personal information we may collect.

  • Name, title and address
  • Gender, date of birth, place of birth and age
  • Ethnicity and country of origin and sexuality
  • Immigration status and Asylum Seeker number
  • Sexuality and marital status
  • Physical, mental and other health records
  • Criminal convictions and other law enforcement records
  • Education, academic and home school records
  • Membership of trade unions
  • Religious, political and philosophical beliefs
  • Genetic and biometric information
  • Location information
  • Internet protocol address
  • Employment information
  • Financial account information including bank details,
  • Vehicle registration
  • Mobile number, telephone number, fax number and email
  • National Insurance, and NHS numbers
  • Unique personal and pupil reference numbers
  • Family relationships, next of kin, parents and children information
  • Audio recording, CCTV and other photographic images
  • Identification documents including driving licence, passport etc

Some of the information we collect is classified as sensitive, such as medical records. Some personal information will be processed by automated means; for example, information collected by Council owned traffic enforcement systems.

Whether the information is personal or sensitive we will treat it with care, and ensure it is processed lawfully and responsibly.