Starting Reception / Transferring from an Infant School to a Junior School
If your child is due to start in Reception or transfer from an Infant School to a Junior School. Find out out how and when to apply, and other information regarding the process.

Starting Secondary School in September – Year 7
Applying for a Secondary School place, or if you need information regarding secondary school admissions.

Mid - Year Admissions
If you wish your child to transfer school, if you are new to Sandwell, or have moved house and require a school place for your child or children.

School Appeals
This link is for applicants that have been refused a school place and wish to appeal against this decision.

Admission Arrangements 2024-2025 and 2025-2016

Determined admission arrangements for all Sandwell controlled schools

Determined admission arrangements 2024-25

Determined admission arrangements 2025-2026

Determined admission arrangements for self-governing schools - 2024-2025  

Determined admission arangements 2024-2025

Coordinated Admission Arrangements School 

Every Council has a duty to publish schemes which set out the administrative arrangements to be follows for the co-ordination of applications for admissions each September.  

For admissions to primary and secondary schools, coordimation arrangements must cover all applicants living in the area of the local authority even though one or more of their preferences may include schools outsode of the local authority.

Coordinated Admission Arranements 2024-2025

Report for the Office of the Schools Adjudicator

Each year every Local Authority is required, by law, to make an annual report to the adjudicator with information about how admissions have worked in the area over the last academic year.

Free nursery places

If you have a two, three or four-year-old and would like to know more about the free nursery places available in Sandwell, visit our Early Years and Childcare page to find out more.