You can report a blocked drain in the road, or a drain that smells using our online form. Please note you can only use this form to report the type of drain you see in the gutter, sometimes called a gulley grating.

You should only report a flooded road or blocked drain if it is not raining. 

If it is still raining, please give it until an hour after the rain has stopped to give the water a chance to drain naturally.

If the drain is still blocked, fill in the form.

Report a blocked drain

To check when a gully was last cleansed, visit the gully cleaning page.

If the problem is with any other type of drain, a burst water main or sewer, contact Severn Trent

If your property is flooded by water coming from the road please call us on 0121 368 1177.

Here is some advice if your home or business is flooded.

If you have lost something down a drain

If you have lost an item down a drain please call us on 0121 368 1177. We will send someone out to help you.

Report a blockage on your property

If you are a council tenant, contact our repairs team.


The Environment Agency is responsible for rivers.