Household Support Fund April to September 2024

The Household Support Fund is money given to councils by the Government to help people in need of financial support.

The grant is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions. You can visit the Government's Cost of Living Hub.

Sandwell Council has received £3.47million to help residents between April 2024 and September 2024.

This is how it will be spent:

  • £ 2.4million will be spent funding food vouchers for around 23,000 children eligible for free school meals over the Whitsun half-term and six week summer holiday.
  • £411,000 will be used to help council and private tenants in financial difficulty.
  • £250,000 will be used to support the council’s Local Welfare Provision scheme which residents can apply to for financial help in a crisis.
  • £80,000 will be given to local food banks and community pantries.
  • £100,000 will be used to help people struggling with their Council Tax bills. 
  • £90,000 will be used to support more than 470 foster carers and special guardians.
  • £110,000 will be used to support more than 300 care leavers.
  • £15,000 will be used to help run Welcoming Spaces in our libraries.

There’s no need to apply for the majority of the Household Support Funding mentioned above – payments will be made automatically to eligible households.

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax bill, you can find out more about the assistance available and how to get in touch.

If you are experiencing exceptional financial hardship, applications for crisis payments can be made to the Local Welfare Provision Scheme.

The funding is limited by the Department for Work and Pensions. Once the fund has been exhausted, no further awards can be made.

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