Arranging a break from caring

If you are a carer, you will need breaks from caring to support your own health and wellbeing.

This could be for a few hours during the day or evening, overnight, or a few days break by providing short term care for your loved one in their own home or in a care or nursing home. They can be occasional or regular breaks to give you a chance to a rest and time to pursue other tasks, relationships and hobbies outside of caring.

There is also Replacement Care, which is care that replaces the support normally given by a Carer, either on a planned basis or in an emergency. Replacement Care may be offered if the person needing care has had a Care and Support Assessment and is legally entitled to care and support services; and if their carer needs a break. Otherwise, people may have to pay for it.

Arranging Replacement Care

You will need to contact Sandwell Enquiry to ask for a Carers Assessment and an assessment of the needs of the person you care for, or a review of the care and support plan for the person you care for If they have one, as it may or may not cover replacement care for the carer to have a short break.

We will need more details of who the cared for person is and to ascertain if they are in receipt of a care package already, and if the carer has had a carers assessment, to ensure we are offering the you the most appropriate support available.

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