If you, or someone you know, is having difficulty with day-to-day living tasks at home there are services that can help. 

We can help you find services that will enable you (or the person you are concerned about) to stay independent for as long as possible.

The amount of support you can get from us will depend on your circumstances and your financial situation. You should contact us for advice and support, or talk to another social care or health worker. If you are in hospital, talk to staff on the ward. We can all refer you to the services you need.

If you prefer to organise your own services or if you just want to find out about what's available in Sandwell, you could look in our Information Point directory of care and community organisations. You can approach many services directly and make your own arrangements. But do remember that you can contact us for information and advice if you feel you need it.

What sort of services are there?

Some services are free and some you would have to pay for. Some you can approach directly, but you may have to be referred to others by health or social care staff.

You might be able to get a personal budget to pay for your support and other services, after a care and support assessment.

Sandwell’s Home Improvement Agency can also provide support to residents who find it difficult to get around their home.

Equipment, alarms and adaptations to your home

Having the right equipment can help you manage better and stay safe at home. Alarms and electronic devices (telecare) can help you in ways that you may not even have thought possible. Adaptations to your home, such as stair lifts and ramps, can make a big difference to your quality of life.

Community meals ('meals on wheels')

A hot or frozen meal delivered to your home can make life easier if you are struggling with cooking.

Home care workers and personal assistants

You may think of these as 'home helps', however, these days there is more choice about how your support and care needs can be met. You may be able to get a personal budget to help pay for home care or to employ a personal assistant. Contact us and ask for a care and support assessment.

Our Information Point directory has details of organisations that provide home care services. If you choose to, you can approach them directly and arrange and pay for your own services.

Help at home when you need it most

We can give you support for a short time when you get out of hospital or to stop you going into hospital. We will provide services (reablement services) to help you until:

  • you are able to manage on your own 
  • your condition stabilises and we can work out what you need to support you in the future. 

Respite care or short breaks

These services give you and your carer a short break. If as part of your personal budget assessment we agree that you and your carer need respite or breaks from their caring role, we will discuss what services you wish to buy from your personal budget to meet this need.

Floating Support

Sandwell’s Floating Support Service provide help and support to adults in Sandwell who are finding it difficult to stay safe and healthy. They may be at risk of homelessness or finding it difficult to stay out of hospital or they may be at risk of harm. The Service is able to offer support designed to help people develop the skills they need to run a home, stay safe, be healthy, and keep a job.

Day services

Just getting out of the house and meeting other people can help you get more out of life and overcome any feelings of isolation. Our day activities services may be an option for you.

Moving to more supported accommodation

If you feel you can no longer cope at home then you may want to move somewhere where you would get more support. This could include extra care housing, supported living or a care home.

However, we aim to provide services to support you in your existing home for as long as it is safe for you to stay there.

Contact us

Contact us to talk about your situation. We can help and support you to get the services you need. If you are in hospital, talk to the ward staff.