The rateable value of a property may be amended for a number of reasons. For example, the premises may alter in size or the usage may change.

If you feel that your rateable value is incorrect you should contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) using a Business Rates Valuation Account.

If you are awaiting a re-assessment of your rateable value it is important that you continue to pay on the original bill until the change is put into effect.

Benefits of having a Business Rates Valuation Account

Registering for a Business Rates Valuation Account will allow your business to

  • Check the details the VOA hold.
  • Let the VOA know if something is wrong.
  • Hear about issues affecting your business rates.
  • See your rateable value and the evidence the VOA used to calculate it.
  • Manage your business property information.
  • See how your business property’s valuation was calculated and challenge your property’s valuation.
  • Appoint an agent to deal with your business rates on your behalf.

Further information on the Valuation Office Agency can also be found by visiting the website