What can't I put in the household waste (refuse) wheeled bin?

Please do try and separate the materials that you throw away so that we can recycle as much of them as possible.   A large proportion of the rubbish that you produce at home can be recycled using the blue lid recycling, food waste or garden waste.

The following materials should not be put in your household waste bin (if HRC is written next to it, this means that this type of waste can be taken to the Household Recycling Centre (Tip):

  • asbestos
  • energy saving or fluorescent light bulbs (HRC)
  • paint (HRC)
  • unwanted medicines (return to chemists)
  • stones, rubble or tiles (HRC)
  • gas bottles (including small helium balloon cylinders) return to the supplier or HRC
  • trade waste (arrange a trade waste collection)
  • car batteries, engine oil (HRC)
  • household batteries (clear bag on the top of your blue lid bin)
  • electrical items (HRC)
  • large amounts of scrap metal, timber and sheet glass (HRC)
  • large amounts of soil/turf (HRC)                                                              

In addition, bulky household items, fridges and freezers should not be placed out with your household waste. Please book a bulky collection (note - charges can apply).