What can I put in the household waste (refuse) wheeled bin?

The majority of materials that can't be put into your blue lid recycling bin, food waste collection or garden waste collection can be put out for your weekly refuse/household waste collection including:

  • clothing, shoes or textiles that are worn out or soiled and otherwise can't be given to a charity shop or door to door collection
  • hard plastics, such as toys 
  • pet bedding 
  • dog mess or other pet waste
  • disposable nappies, incontinence or sanitary products
  • heavily soiled or greasy packaging (for example pizza boxes or chip papers) 
  • wet paper or soiled paper
  • foil plastics such as sweet or crisp packets
  • polystyrene plastic
  • bubble wrap
  • broken pottery, cookware, drinking glasses or kitchen utensils.
  • mats and rugs 
  • large quantities of shredded paper 
  • ash – this must be cold
  • small amounts of soil or turf
  • DIY rubbish, timber or sawdust

In addition, if you use cooking oil that remains liquid when cool, this should be collected in an unwanted container which can be closed (for example, a plastic milk bottle and lid) and can be placed in your wheeled bin for household waste/refuse.