Bulky waste collections

Bulky household items such as furniture and kitchen appliances cannot be collected as part of your weekly bin collection.

There are a number of ways you can recycle or dispose of bulky household items, fridges and freezers.

Sell them or give them away

If your items are in good working order try selling them on the internet or in a local newspaper.

Give them away - ask family, friends and neighbours if they have a use for your unwanted items or donate them to a charity or local community project.

Community Transport welcome reusable household items including furniture, fridges and beds and will collect them free of charge.

Take them to the tip

You can take bulky household items and additional bags of rubbish to the Household Recycling Centre in Oldbury.

Book a bulky item collection 

You can arrange for a bulky collection or fridge/freezer collection from the council - please note that charges can apply.

You can book a collection by:

  • calling 0845 359 7501. If you pay by credit or debit card over the telephone, you will be informed of the date of collection straight away. If you are not able to pay over the telephone, we will send you a booking form for you to complete and return by post.
  • by printing off either the bulky items booking form or the fridge/freezer booking form and taking this with payment to one of the locations on the form, or posting it to the address shown on the bottom of the form with a cheque or postal order.

Please note that if you make payment in person or by post, you will be notified by telephone or post of the actual collection date of collection.

Collections are normally made within 10 days of processing your booking form but this will depend on how many bulky collections we have booked in.

Any item(s) to be collected need to be empty and in the specified location by 6.45am on the date of collection.

Unfortunately, we cannot collect some types of bulky rubbish as they may cause injury to our collection staff, damage to the compaction unit of the collection vehicle, or harm to the environment.

Collection charges

Please note that all bulky item and fridge/freezer collection bookings must be paid for in advance of collection.

The collection cost depends on how many items you want collecting.

Bulky collection costs
Item(s) Cost from 1 April 2014
1 bulky item plus up to 10 bags (see note below)  £11.70
2 to 4 bulky items plus up to 10 bags (see note below)  £17.56
5 to 8 bulky items plus up to 10 bags (see note below)  £35.12
Fridge and freezer collections  £11.70 per item


Each household with someone over 60 is entitled to one free collection of bulky waste up to four items and 10 bags or one fridge/freezer per year. Fees will apply for second and subsequent collections.

Black bags put out for bulky waste collections

If you are also putting out black bags for your bulky collection, only household waste that can be safely contained within a black bag will be taken.

Bags containing the following will not be collected:

  • No large items
  • No black bags heavier than 10kg in weight, eg fixtures and fittings
  • No electrical equipment - please use the separate electrical and electronic equipment collection
  • Carpet - this should be one of your bulky items and not cut up and placed in bags 
  • Any items on the cannot be collected list

Please note: black bags filled with items that have not been presented correctly, are too heavy, or are too dangerous to handle (sharp edges, points etc) will not be removed.

The safety of our staff is very important to us. We ask you never to put these items in your refuse bags as they could cause a severe injury:

  • Broken glass or any sharp items
  • Car batteries
  • Hypodermic needles
  • Paint or chemicals of any kind
  • Asbestos
  • Gas bottles