Bulky waste collections

We provide a bulky waste collection service for large household items such as furniture, fridges, freezers and other things that won't fit in your bin.

Book a bulky waste collection


Item(s) Price
1 bulky item;  £12.05
2 to 4 bulky items  £18.09
5 to 8 bulky items  £36.18
Fridge and freezer collections (per item)  £12.05 per item

Each household with someone over 60 is entitled to one free collection of bulky waste up to four items or one fridge/freezer in any twelve month period. Fees will apply for second and subsequent collections.

Other ways to dispose of bulky items

If your item is in good condition and can be reused, please try to:

  • sell it or give it away by using the internet or through your local newspaper or by asking your family and neighbours.
  • contact Community Transport who may collect it free of charge. They usually welcome reusable household items including furniture, fridges and beds and also general household items
  • take it to the Household Recycling Centre in Oldbury.

Things to check before booking

The bulky waste collection service cannot be used to dispose of rubbish such as old kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings or garden waste. If you have employed someone else to carry out this type of work your quotation should include the cost for the removal of these items as this is classed as business or trade waste.

If you have rubbish that we can't collect as a bulky collection, you can take it to the tip in Oldbury. The tip is free for Sandwell residents to use to recycle or dispose of rubbish from their own home. Business or trade waste is not accepted.

We will not collect items that include panes of glass or mirrors that are bigger than 2x2 feet in size (see note 1 below).   This is because the collection vehicle crushes all items (apart from fridges or freezers that are collected separately) and glass shatters during compaction and can potentially cause injury to staff or to passers by.

We do not collect rubble, stone or solid metal objects as these materials will damage the collection vehicle's compaction equipment as they do not bend or crush.

To keep the cost of the bulky waste collections to residents as low as possible, the collection team for bulky collections is two members of staff. No items can be collected that are too heavy for our staff to safely carry from its collection point up into the rear of the collection vehicle. Sorry but you cannot assist us during the collection if your item is too heavy.

On your collection day, you need to make sure that:

  • your item(s) are out for collection by 6.45am
  • your item(s) are left at the closest point on your property next to the public highway (all items need to be placed together)
  • Your items are accessible
  • your item(s) is/are empty
  • you only leave out the items that you have told us about when you booked - you can't swap items see note 3 below
  • you don't leave out items that will cause damage to the vehicle compactor equipment
  • your items are not over 6 feet on any side, apart from carpet or floor covering which when folded must be under 6 feet in length
  • your item(s) can be lifted and carried by a team of two from the collection point up to the collection vehicle see note (2) below

What we will collect

Household items

  • wardrobes, dressing tables, chests of drawers, bedside cabinets or drawers - these should be free standing and not part of a fitted suite
  • tables, chairs and desks - each item is counted separately
  • sofas and armchairs - each item is counted as one item.   A three piece suite is counted as 3 items
  • beds - a bed frame and headboard are counted as 2 items and any loose slats should be bundled and tied or taped together
  • mattresses (any size mattress counts as 1 item) - see note (2)
  • large children's toys
  • doors - all glass needs to be removed 
  • fireplaces (not metal, concrete or marble)
  • carpets and linoleum - these need to be rolled or folded.   If the roll of carpet is longer than 6 feet in length, it needs to be folded.  One roll equals one item
  • laminate flooring -  needs to be bundled and tied or taped together
  • window frames - only if glass has been removed
  • bicycles

Kitchen appliances

  • cookers, extraction hoods, microwave ovens, tumble dryers and dishwashers
  • integrated kitchen appliances - each item is counted separately, so that a hob and oven count as 2 items
  • extraction equipment - each item is counted separately so that an extraction hood and ducting count as 2 items
  • washing machines - the concrete block at the bottom will need to be removed as this will damage the compacting machinery of the collection vehicle
  • Fridges and freezers - each stand alone item is counted separately, so that if you want a collection for a separate fridge and freezer these count as two items. If you have a combined fridge/freezer, this counts as one item, Residents booking a fridge or freezer collection are assured that their old appliance will be safely dismantled by an Environment Agency licensed reprocessor.

Other electrical items

  • Televisions
  • Hoovers
  • DVD players or video players

Garden bulky items

  • garden furniture (each item counts as one item, so that a table plus 4 chairs is 5 items)
  • wooden fencing - each panel counts as one item, if the panel is broken, any broken slats should be securely tied into bundles (smaller pieces can be placed in your domestic waste bin)
  • planks of wood (each plank counts as one item but smaller pieces should be securely tied into bundles, each bundle counts as one item)
  • rabbit hutches and dog kennels (subject to the size restriction)

What we will not collect

Due to the way that we collect bulky items, the following items listed cannot be collected.

We will not collect:

  • any bagged up waste -  bagged up domestic waste or garden waste will not be taken
  • any trade or business waste
  • fixtures and fittings, including: 
  • bathroom fixtures and fittings such as toilets, sinks, baths, bidets, shower trays and associated pipework (including plastic items)
  • fitted bedroom furniture
  • fitted kitchen units
  • work surfaces or work tops
  • fire places made of metal, concrete or marble
  • broken up fence panels or wood unless securely tied together
  • tree stumps or railway sleepers
  • large musical instruments such as pianos, organs 
  • containers containing liquids or gases or powders including household or garden chemicals or paint or liquid gas bottles or fire extinguishers
  • hazardous or special waste including asbestos and hypodermic needles - these need to be collected by a registered waste disposal company
  • any solid metal objects including engine blocks/motors
  • any vehicle parts including batteries, radiators or tyres
  • central heating related items including radiators, boilers, tanks or pipework
  • any glass either framed or unframed 
  • no mirrors either framed or unframed
  • light bulbs including fluorescent tubes
  • building waste including rubble, bricks, stones, concrete or ceramic tiles
  • garden sheds

You can take most of the items listed above to the Household Recycling Centre, Shidas Lane, Oldbury, free of charge.

Refunds or changes

When you book your collection, please make sure that you know exactly what items you want us to collect, and that you put them out on the correct day and location.

We will not issue refunds or allow additional concessionary collections in a 12 month period if:

  • You change your mind
  • Your items are taken away by someone else
  • You forget to put the items out
  • We can't take your items because they are:
  • Too heavy to be lifted safely
  • Are not left in the correct place
  • Are inaccessible - we will not move other items to get to them

Note (1): Glass and mirrors - we will only collect bulky items that include glass or mirrors less than 2x2 feet in size and this must be securely covered ie with newspaper and taped to prevent injury during the crushing process in the collection vehicle

Note (2): Mattresses and upholstered furniture will become very heavy if left out during wet weather.  We reserve the right not to collect any item if it is too heavy to lift safely.