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Warm Spaces surveys

Tell us what you think about Warm Spaces in Sandwell

We are working with University of Birmingham to evaluate the impact of Warm Spaces – both those that have been hosted by the council and by Sandwell community and voluntary sector.

We want to understand how people use Warm Spaces and explore why some people use them while others do not use them. With the information we collect through our evaluation, we can make changes to the Warm Spaces they support, so more people are able to use and benefit from them. 

The first part of the evaluation is two surveys – one for those who provide warm spaces, and one for those who use warm spaces. As a warm space provider, we would really appreciate your help with facilitating users to fill in the survey.

We will have the survey open for two weeks initially but depending on feedback from yourselves, and the response rate, we can extend this time period if needed.

Survey for Warm Space providers

Survey for Warm Space users

You can download a participant information sheet which explains to users of our Warm Spaces why we’d like them to fill out the survey.

We would be grateful if you can complete the surveys by Monday 13 March 2023. Each one will take approximately five minutes to complete.