Sandwell highways are the most valuable asset owned and operated by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council. We operate, maintain and improve a road network that is worth over £3.65bn.

Roadworks, including work by utility companies, developers and maintenance work by Sandwell, can cause significant disruption.

A well-designed, outcome-focussed, and well implemented permit scheme provides the best method of coordinating the work that needs to take place in or on the public highway to minimise the disruption and inconvenience caused to residents, visitors and others who use Sandwell’s road network.

While all the Black Country Permit Authorities plan to operate individual schemes, it is Sandwell’s intention to have a collaborative approach to operational processes.

Permit schemes replace parts of the ‘noticing’ system under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (“NRSWA”) for works taking place on the highway.

The Sandwell permit scheme went live on Monday 24 June 2019.

It aims to:

  • Increase the efficient running of the highway network by minimising the disruption and inconvenience caused by roadworks and other highway events and activities through proactive co-ordination of activities on the highway.
  • Protect the structure of the street and the apparatus belonging to utility companies and others within it.
  • Ensure safety of those using the street and those working on activities that fall within the scheme.
  • Ensure we can provide better information for road users about work on the highway.

For further information, please see the below documents:

  1. Sandwell Permit Scheme
  2. Supporting Documents to the Sandwell Permit Scheme 
  3. Sandwell ETON Compliance Certificate 
  4. Sandwell Legal Orders
  5. Year One Evaluation
  6. Year Two Evaluation
  7. Year Three Evaluation