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Climate Change and Air Quality in Sandwell | Sandwell Council

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Climate Change and Air Quality in Sandwell

climate change

Early in 2020, we carried out an eight-week public consultation on climate change and air quality. We received many responses from people who are very concerned about both of these topics.

The questions we asked during the public consultation were based on a publication from Friends of the Earth called 33 Actions local authorities can take on climate change.

Our Climate Change Strategy takes into account many of the comments we received during the public consultation which took place early in 2020. You can also read a summary of the strategy

In 2022, we produced an Action Plan which covers how we will be responding to climate change over the next five years.

Climate change can be a challenging topic for many people. Many of the words and phrases such as emissions and net zero can be confusing but this guide should help to explain things more clearly.

Alternatively, this short video from the BBC explains more about Climate Change.

There are many things you can do to help in the fight against climate change and the more of us that act, the better chance we have of meeting this challenge.

You can contact the Climate Change Team for any general enquiries.