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Think Sandwell Area Employment Team

Sandwell Council's Employment and Skill team - Think Sandwell - advertise job vacancies in the private sector and voluntary sector organisations, and are looking for suitable candidates to fill these positions.

Offering a range of recruitment services to employers, the team understands and has knowledge of skills that are required across employment sectors within the Black Country. This allows the team to ensure that Sandwell and Black Country residents receive the right advice, assistance and suitable training to guide them towards jobs and careers available locally.

If you are an employer wishing to take on a new member of staff please email the team for more details.

Employment Advisers are based within a range of venues throughout Sandwell- ensuring that the whole borough benefits from this unique service.  Email the team to discuss our current vacancies or to meet our professional advisers who will support you to apply for the right job that suits you.


Think Sandwell support people of any age to find apprenticeships and gain recognised qualifications. They also offer mentoring support once you enter into employment - ensuring that you progress and develop within your new career.

Think Sandwell - Apprenticeship Vacancies

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are high quality, work-based training programmes for people who want to develop their prospects and careers. An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to work and study in the employment area that you are interested in. They can be taken up by people new to a company, or by existing staff who want to develop skills and progress their careers. 

If you decide to take up an apprenticeship, you will:

  • Be earning and learning at the same time while gaining valuable skills and experience 
  • Enrol on a course with an accredited training provider/college to gain new knowledge and skills
  • Gain nationally recognised qualifications specifically relating to your career

The Think Sandwell  Employment Team supports creation and delivery of apprenticeships addressing skills shortages and gaps within the local labour market.

If you are interested in applying for an apprenticeship and want to know more, or if you are an employer wishing to take on an new apprentice please email the team for more details.