Throughout Autumn 2023, we are asking a random sample of tenants to take part in our tenant satisfaction survey. The survey is an opportunity to have your say on the housing services we provide. The findings will assist us in improving the quality of services we deliver to our tenants.

Acuity Research & Practice Ltd, an independent market research company, are conducting surveys to tenants and leaseholders on our behalf. If you are randomly selected to take part, Acuity Research & Practice Ltd will contact you by telephone or via an online invite in the form of an email or SMS.

If you’re asked to take part, please give us your views and opinions. Your feedback helps us to improve our services to you.

The results of the satisfaction survey will be published on our website and in future editions of our Annual Report for Tenants. Read our Annual Report for Tenants 2022/23 and find out about ways tenants can get involved in shaping services.

Following the findings of last year’s survey, we have consulted with tenants across the borough to help shape the actions we are taking in response to the survey findings. Last year’s tenant satisfaction survey highlighted several key themes, and areas of improvement, such as:

  1. Tenancy and estate management

    • We have set up a dedicated team of housing specialists who are here to answer any housing or tenancy queries tenants may have. The Housing Hub aims to answer questions straight away without the need to wait for a call back.

    • Home Checks have been rolled out whereby tenants will be visited by a Housing Officer who can offer support and guidance and check the condition of properties and gardens. More information can be found here.

    • Housing Officers are now responsible for smaller sized areas so they can focus on getting to know their tenants better.

    • We have made changes to the way we respond to cases of damp and mould. Our Damp and Mould Taskforce are committed to tackling cases of damp and mould and supporting tenants to prevent damp and mould occurring in their homes.

  2. Complaints and service failures

    • Training has been rolled out across teams to improve the way we respond to complaints.

    • We have plans in place to develop a Complaint Resolution Team to improve the experience of our tenants who need to make a complaint.

  3. How we communicate our performance and what information is important to our tenants

    • In July 2023 we held a Tenant Conference to hear what is important to our tenants. Tenants heard about our performance and useful information about housing and wider council services.

    • We have published our Annual Report for Tenants 22/23 to communicate our performance with tenants.

  4. What does good tenancy management and service delivery look like to ours tenants

    • We are visiting all residents in our high-rise blocks to hear your views on the safety of your home and communal areas. Tenants’ feedback will feed into a building safety strategy which is specific to each block.

    • We continue to work alongside our tenant-led Tenant and Leaseholder Scrutiny Group and Tenant Auditors to improve the services we deliver.

View a full summary of last year’s tenant satisfaction findings