The Housing Strategy is a high-level plan that will guide the development of our services in collaboration from 2023 to 2028. It strives to present a clear picture of how we may achieve our shared goal of providing housing that fits the needs and requirements of Sandwell, in collaboration with the public and other those affected.

This is significant because not everyone in Sandwell has access to cheap, secure, sustainable, and high-quality housing, which is necessary to guarantee that individuals may live productive, healthy, and enjoyable lives.

We aim to put forth an approach that offers housing options that people want to live in while also benefiting current communities. As well as a strategy that addresses specific needs, such as future-proofing homes to serve an ageing population, a variety of housing options for families and young individuals wishing to get on the property lander. In addition to ensuring that our homes are resilient to climate change and growing fuel costs.

This document details how the Council intends to address important housing issues impacting Sandwell communities over the next five years. It describes the council's aims, goals for satisfying housing demand, and partnership with renters and residents to create sustainable and harmonious communities throughout the borough. This is accomplished by outlining five important areas that will help us move forward in addressing our housing challenges:

  1. Providing more affordable homes
  2. Making best use of the homes we have
  3. Quality housing for all
  4. Supporting people’s health through housing
  5. Addressing climate change and fuel poverty

Housing Strategy 2023 - 2028