Find out how Sandwell Council is continuing to invest in council homes and housing services in our Annual Report for Tenants.

The report sets out how the council has performed as a landlord. It's our opportunity to explain how well the services we provide are performing. We've also highlighted priorities for the year ahead.

You can also find out how you - as a council tenant - can get involved in scrutinising housing services, to help us make sure they are value for money, high quality and meeting tenants' needs.

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Highlights from the Annual Report for Tenants 2022/23:

  • The report details the results of our tenant satisfaction survey 2022. A summary of the survey findings can also be found here.
  • We have published our Housing 30 Year Business Plan. The plan seeks to provide an average investment of approximately £37,000 per property over a 30-year period.
  • We invested £54 million in refurbishments and improvements, £13 million of which was spent on new homes and buying properties.
  • 112,866 responsive repairs were completed in 2022/23. A responsive repair is undertaken in response to a report of a fault, such as a broken boiler, as opposed to a planned repair such as an annual gas boiler service.
  • Find out how we keep your home safe in relation to damp and mould, fire, gas, electrical, water, asbestos and lift safety.
  • Tenants and leaseholders have played an active role in decision making and improving the services we deliver through volunteering their time to be part of our Tenant and Leaseholder Scrutiny Group and Tenant Auditors Group.

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