Ambition 7

Ambition 7 icon house on blue background

We now have many new homes to meet a full range of housing needs in attractive neighbourhoods and close to key transport routes.

Sandwell needs new areas of quality housing in places where people want to live and bring up their families and can easily get to jobs across the region by public transport.

Significant numbers of new homes will also support businesses, town centres and local services.

We also need well-placed new business sites to attract and retain successful employers.

To help achieve our 2030 vision:

  • we will identify major development opportunities along public transport routes and develop plans with the community and developers to make this happen; and
  • around 8,500 new homes will be built on sites with rapid transport connections into Birmingham, including the Dudley Port line, Metro and Jewellery line (Worcester to Birmingham).

These homes will be serviced by excellent facilities. The scale of change will mean Sandwell will be a noticeably better place to live.