Ambition 1

Ambition 1 icon shooting star on yellow background

Sandwell is a community where our families have high aspirations and where we pride ourselves on equality of opportunity and on our adaptability and resilience.

Too many Sandwell children live in deprived households – and this restricts social mobility from one generation to the next.

Children growing up in households where a parent does not work, or has low skills, are more likely to be out of work, in low income jobs or have a low level of education attainment themselves.

Our ambition is to break this cycle by 2030. To do this, we need to:

  • improve children’s life chances;
  • have high expectations of children to achieve; and
  • raise aspirations in schools and at home.

We believe Sandwell’s future holds opportunity and success and that everyone has the potential to do well. We will all be bringing up our children to aim higher and expect better.