Ambition 10

Ambition 10 icon rosette on green background

Sandwell now has a national reputation for getting things done, where all local partners are focused on what really matters in people’s lives and communities.

To build a more resilient and successful Sandwell, we all need to work together and focus on addressing the things that really matter in people’s lives.

We need to tackle the challenges and get the basics right by working together in a different way.

By 2030, Sandwell will be:

  • nationally recognised for getting things done by everyone working together;
  • a place known for trying out new things and taking measured risks – adopting new ideas from businesses, voluntary and community organisations, schools and colleges, and local people.

Sandwell people will play a central role in deciding what happens in their area and achieving success.

Sandwell will be proud of what it has achieved and confident that the future will be better and that other areas will want to learn from our achievements.