Report fraud

The council operates a zero tolerance on fraud and corruption, all instances are investigated and the perpetrator(s) dealt with in accordance with the Counter Fraud Policy.

Report fraud

What we investigate

  • Housing tenancy fraud
  • Personal budgets / direct payments
  • Insurance payments
  • Council Tax reduction scheme and local Council Tax support
  • Business rates
  • Right to buy fraud    
  • Bribery
  • Redirection of payments and grants
  • Theft of time
  • Payroll / employment
  • Procurement fraud
  • False declare declarations of interest
  • Blue badge fraud
  • School / academies fraud

In October 2020 the Crimestoppers COVID Fraud Hotline was established.  If you have concerns and individual or company has exploited or attempted to exploit COVID stimulus schemes or funding you can report these concerns either online or via telephone: 0800 587 5030.


Whistleblowing is when a council employee reports suspected wrongdoing at work. Officially this is called "making a disclosure in the public interest".

You can report things that aren't right, are illegal or if anyone at work is neglecting their duties, including:

  • someone's health and safety is in danger
  • damage to the environment
  • a criminal offence
  • the company isn't obeying the law (like not having the right insurance)
  • covering up wrongdoing

Fill in the whistleblowing reporting form

Other ways to contact us


Post: Counter Fraud Unit, PO Box 16328, Oldbury, B69 9EZ

We will publicise people convicted of fraud

An effective way of deterring potential fraudsters from committing benefit fraud is to publish the stories of those who are investigated and prosecuted.

Publicity like this sends a clear message to people committing benefit fraud they are committing a criminal offence and that we will investigate and prosecute those who do so.

It also shows what we are doing to protect public funds.