The easiest way to find information and to get in touch with us is from this website - so you don’t need to go to the trouble of phoning, emailing, writing or visiting us. 

Please be aware that we can only discuss an account with the person named on the bill. If you want someone else to be able to contact us on your behalf please fill in our
Third Party Authorisation form

Report a bereavement

If you want to contact us to report a bereavement you may find it easier to use our Tell Us Once service.

You can contact us for a general enquiry or to report a change in your circumstances in the following ways:

Contact us online

If you want to pay by Direct Debit, are reporting a change of address or requesting a single person discount report these changes online using the links below.

If you have received a court summons or liability order and wish to make an arrangement to pay please fill in our Special Arrangement Form.

If you want us to send you a bill via email, provide/change contact details or find out more information about your account use the link below:

My Council Tax Online

If you need help understanding a bill that you have received, we have an explanation of your Council Tax bill online
If you wish to contact us for another reason then please use the form below:

Contact Council Tax

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