Council Tax amendments will be actioned and enquiries responded to within 4 weeks

If you move house, it's important you tell us as soon as possible so we can send you a bill for Council Tax. Please note however if your house move is more than 28 days in advance of today's date do not complete any of our online move forms.

Once we have all of your details, we will send you your new Council Tax bill within seven working days.


If you are a landlord that wants to report a change in a tenancy at your property, please visit our landlord tenancy change page

Moving house

If you are moving house, please complete the "Tell us you are moving house" online form.

Before you start to fill in your form, if you are receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction please make sure you fill in the relevant part of the form and we'll update your benefits information.

If you are not receiving Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction and want to make a claim for benefit please use our online claim form for Housing Benefit or online claim form for Council Tax Reduction.

Please note: If you are moving out of your old property and into your new one on the same day you need to put down the same date for moving out and moving in as part of the form. 

If someone else usually deals with your affairs and you have already completed a 'Third Party Authorisation Form', you will need to complete a new form so that they can continue to help you at your new address. 

Tell us you are moving house

Moving out of the country

Please see the information on this page if you are moving out of the country.

In order to complete any of the online move forms you will need to provide details of the address that you are moving to. If you are unsure of the full address details of the property that you are moving to please use the post code finder to assist you. 

Third party authorisation

Please be aware that we can only discuss an account or benefit claim with the person named on the bill or claiming the benefit. If you want someone else to be able to contact us on your behalf please fill in our Third Party Authorisation form.

Electoral Register

Don’t forget your vote does not move with you. Your vote matters so make sure you are on the electoral roll. You can register to vote online or call our elections team on 0121 569 3244. Your credit rating may be affected if you don’t.