If you have received a summons or a notification of a court order (known as a liability order) then you can use this form to set up an arrangement for payment.

You will need to ensure that any arrangement you make will pay off your debt before the end of the financial year (31 March). If the instalment amount that you would like is too low and will take you beyond this point, then you will need to increase the amount in order pay off the debt before 31 March. The form will not offer any arrangement that will take you past this date.

Summons Costs of £84.00 and Court Costs of £0.50 are included into the arrangement. However no further recovery action will be taken as long as you make the payments agreed in your Special Arrangement.

If your debt is currently being recovered by an Attachment of Earnings please do not attempt to set up a Special Arrangement.

If you have received contact from our Enforcement Agents (previously known as bailiffs) please contact them to arrange your payments rather than fill in this form.

The form will only let you set up a Special Arrangement on one Council Tax account. If you have more than one account that you need to make a special arrangement on you will need to do a separate form for each account.

The Special Arrangement form is an offer to pay the debt. It may not be accepted even if it appears to have been accepted online. You will get a letter from us confirming whether the offer has been accepted or rejected. 

Please note: If you set up a Direct Debit to pay off your Special Arrangement your details will not automatically be used to set up a Direct Debit on any charges for future years. You will need to set up a separate Direct Debit for any future years.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are employed, you will be asked to provide your ‘financial information’, including employment details, to secure the special payment arrangement.  This is mandatory under the terms of the Liability Order issued at court.  If you have received a summons but the case has not yet been to court, you are under no obligation to provide your financial information at this time.  If you are not happy to provide this information at this stage, please contact a Customer Advisor in person to make an arrangement.  Once the Liability Order has been granted at court, we may contact you to request further information to continue with the agreed arrangement. 

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