If you make, prepare or handle food of animal origin such as meat, fish, dairy or eggs products and supply these to other food businesses, your food business establishment may require approval.
The premises are approved under:

Food premises approved under these regulations must meet additional requirements above the general requirements for food premises as they usually involve more high risk operations.


There are some exemptions from the requirement to be approved, including if you supply food of animal origin to the final consumer only that is to the ultimate consumer who will not use the food in the course of any food business or activity.

There may also be an exemption available depending on the extent to which you wish to supply food of animal origin to other businesses.

Exemptions are detailed in the Food Law Practice Guidance (England) and are based on the premises being retail or supplying other retailers on a marginal, localised and restricted basis. You should contact us to determine whether or not you should claim an exemption from the need for approval.

If a food business is exempted from the requirement to be approved, it must be registered with the us at least 28 days before the business opens or within 28 days of taking over an existing food business.

Failure to register a food business or notify significant changes is an offence under the Food Regulations.

More information on registration and the form to apply for registration

How do I apply for approval?

Approval will not be given unless the required standards are met before any food is sold for consumption. The standards are defined in Regulation 853/2004. It is against the law to start trading or doing any activity which requires approval before being approved.

If you wish to apply for approval under the above regulations please contact us.

Approved premises application form

Download, print, read, complete and send your application form back to us. The completed form must contain your signature.

Need more help? Get in touch (select new food business advice).

Can I start trading before receiving my approval?

You cannot start trading before receiving an approval (i.e. tacit consent does not apply). You must not start any business activity which requires approval unless you have received conditional or full approval for your proposed activity from us. If you start trading without approval it is an offence which may lead to prosecution.

Approval will only apply once a full application has been submitted and you have received an acknowledgment from Sandwell Council.

How long will it take to process an approval?

We aim to process your approval within 28 days of receiving a successfully completed application together with all supporting information and documentation as requested in the application form.

Proof of approval

Foods originating from approved premises throughout the European Community (EC) bear an identification mark with the approval number on the packaging.

The approval number is unique to the food establishment where the product was manufactured or packed and enables foods to be traced back to their origin throughout the EC.

Approval numbers for businesses within Sandwell have the prefix FR.