The Safer Sandwell Partnership brings together the council, police, fire service, health and probation services and many others to tackle crime and improve community safety.

We work very closely with the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, West Midlands Community Safety Partnership, local community and voluntary organisations and councillors to set our priorities.

Our priorities for 2022-26 are:

  • Prevent violence and exploitation
  • Reduce offending, reoffending and serious organised crime
  • Prevent and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour

Cross Cutting Priority 1: Protect and support vulnerable victims 

Cross Cutting Priority 2: Tackling substance misuse - saving lives and reducing crime 

Cross Cutting Priority 3: Serious violence duty

You can read our community safety strategy and delivery plan for 2022-26.

You can also read the West Midlands Police and Crime Plan 2021-2025

Sandwell Council has dedicated community safety and resilience teams, working with a wide range of partner organisations tackling issues including:

The Safer Sandwell Partnership works closely with the Sandwell Safeguarding Adults Board, Sandwell Children's Safeguarding Partnership and Sandwell Health and Wellbeing Board – Information on how the four boards work together

Strategic Needs Assessment - Serious Violence 

The Sandwell Community Safety team have completed their Strategic Needs Assessment for Serious Violence in Sandwell. This comprehensive document is a vital resource that delves into the complex landscape of serious violence in our community. It serves as a foundational tool for understanding the root causes, trends, and contributing factors associated with violent crime within Sandwell.

Serious violence is a pressing issue that affects individuals, families, and communities. To effectively address this challenge, it's crucial to have a deep understanding of its various facets. This Strategic Needs Assessment (SNA) provides just that. It offers insights into the specific types of violent crime, the underlying drivers of this crime, and the demographics of those most vulnerable.

The SNA outlines the economic and social costs of violence, emphasising the need for a holistic approach that considers factors like poverty, unemployment, and inequality. It underscores the importance of taking a coordinated, evidence-based, and multi-agency approach to prevention and intervention. Inside this document, you will find valuable information that can guide our collective efforts to create a safer Sandwell. By addressing the issues highlighted within the SNA and implementing effective prevention and intervention strategies, we can work towards reducing the incidence and impact of serious violence in our community.

We invite you to explore this Strategic Needs Assessment to gain a comprehensive overview of the challenges we face and the opportunities for positive change. Together, with the insights provided here, we can take meaningful steps towards building a safer and more secure Sandwell for all.

Sandwell Community Safety Team is working with other partnerships in the area to develop a regional response strategy that will be published in line with the serious violence duty by January 2024

Sandwell Community Safety Bulletin

Stay up to date with what we're doing to keep Sandwell safe by reading the latest edition of the Community Safety Bulletin. 

Community Safety Bulletin - March 2024

Community Safety Bulletin - December 2023 

Community Safety Bulletin - September 2023 

Community Safety Bulletin - June 2023

Safer 6

Safer 6 is an annual campaign across Sandwell's six towns which promotes a wide range of safety, crime prevention and healthy living advice.

The 2023 campaign ran from 25 September to 12 November 2023 with a focus week in each of Sandwell's six towns.

West Midlands Police and Crime Panel

The West Midlands Police and Crime Panel (WMPCP) scrutinises and supports the work of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

We're here to help you

Who are we?

Our partnership board has six statutory members:

We work very closely with the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and Youth Police and Crime Commissioners on our board.

Our community and voluntary sector representatives include councillors, Sandwell Council for Voluntary Organisations, Rights & Equality Sandwell, Black Country Women's Aid and Victim Support.

We're also supported by volunteers in our Independent Advisory Group (IAG), Neighbourhood Watch groups, Sandwell Crime Prevention Panel and tenants and residents associations.