A place-based co-production plan

Our communities are at the heart of all that we do, and we want to ensure that the views and perspectives of our residents’ shape and influence service planning and delivery.

Adult Social Care are leading the way to ensuring the voice of people is placed firmly at the heart of all service models with the production of 'Our Commitment to Co-production Plan'

The plan has been endorsed by our Health and Wellbeing Board  and sets outs the key actions that we will take to improve our approach to co-production locally; and how we will work with all partners, internal and external to achieve improvements.

It sets out clear intentions to drive improvement; building on good practice from across the Council, partner organisations (agencies) in Health and the Voluntary sector.

Professionals and Sandwell residents have worked together to buid on this and incorporate a wide range of feedback to shape Sandwell's first ever Place-based 'Co-production Charter'. This document sits alongside the plan and sets out a common and consistent approach to co-production; it also supports professionals by sharing best practice and information.

You can find out about more ways to have your say in decisions that affect you and the area you live, work or study in on the Sandwell Council Consultation Hub.