If you are a carer and are in full or part time employment you may be able to get support from your employer, a carers’ centre or from the council.

You can get confidential information and advice about:

  • Benefits you may be able to claim
  • Support from the council for you and the person you care for
  • Social activities or support from other carers
  • Housing issues
  • Employment and training

It may feel as if you are juggling two jobs when you are working and caring for a friend or relative, but paid work can be important for your wellbeing, income and for maintaining social contacts. Carers UK have a range of factsheets on finances for carers.

The good news is that carers have some statutory rights and more employers are realising the benefits of supporting carers in the workplace. This can include flexible working and parental leave.

Carer organisations can help by providing you with information about your rights and responsibilities as a working carer.


Some carers do have to leave work, or reduce their working hours because of their caring responsibilities. There may be other benefits and grants that you can claim.

Our Welfare Rights Service will be able to advise you about, and help you to claim, all the benefits that you (and the person you care for) are entitled to. For example, carer's allowance and income support.

Here are some links to more information about benefits for carers. You can apply for some benefits online.