If you just need some information or advice, we can tell you about, and refer you to, services that can help.

If you need more support, we will ask you some questions about your personal circumstances. This is so that we can find out exactly what information, support and help you need and advise you how best to get it. This is called a self-directed assessment.

If the answers you give show that you may be able to get more help from us, we will arrange to do a more detailed assessment. We can then start to work with you to get services in place. 

Find out more about how this works in our section on care and support assessments.

If you have problems speaking on the phone, or your situation is  complicated, we can arrange for a social worker to visit you at home. We want to be sure that we do all we can to help you stay safe.

If you need more support or are in a crisis situation, we will refer you quickly to appropriate specialist services.