Appointeeship is where a person acts on behalf of another to get their benefits and pay bills. They will also give them spending money and help to budget.

How can we help?

If someone is mentally incapable of managing their money and is at risk of abuse, we can take on responsibility for receiving benefits and paying bills, repaying debts and budgeting.

We will deal with the financial affairs of people who:

  • get a service from Sandwell adult social care services;
  • have been assessed as mentally incapable; and
  • have no friends or family who are able or suitable to take on this role for them.

We apply to both the Department of Works and Pensions and to the Court of Protection to manage a person's finances.

There is a charge for our service.

Contact us

Call: 0121 569 6139
Write to: Appointeeship Unit, Jack Judge House, PO Box 15888, Halesowen Street, Oldbury B69 9EN

If you are concerned about someone's ability to manage their own finances, and feel they are at risk, contact our adult social care services for advice.

More information

Read our factsheet for more information about the Appointeeship Unit and the services we provide.