Look out for your voter registration letter

We've written to every household in Sandwell to make sure the electoral register is up to date. Please confirm your details as soon as you can →

Information about communal bins at flats

Some flats, apartments and other buildings share a large communal bin. 

If you use this type of bin for your rubbish please remember:

  • Your bins will be collected every week.
  • The big bin with the green lid is for household waste. Check what goes in your household waste bin.
  • If you have a big bin with a blue lid, this is for recycling. Not every site will have a recycling bin. Find out what goes in your recycling bin. Some flats also have their own individual recycling bins.
  • Household waste bins and recycling bins may be collected on different days.
  • All waste and recycling must be put inside the bins. Rubbish and recycling that is not inside the bins will not be collected.
  • The bins are for household waste and recycling only - no furniture or large or bulky items should be put in or around the bins.
  • If you have larger items or furniture to dispose of these can be taken to the tip in Shidas Lane, Oldbury, or you can book a bulky collection.
  • If you need information, including checking when the bins for your building are collected, speak to your site caretaker.