The majority of homes with kerbside access now receive the blue lidded wheeled bin recycling collection service.

Your blue lid recycling collection and food waste collections are weekly. To get more in your blue lid bin, flatten or squash your recycling items. Extra recycling can also be temporarily bagged and stored in places such as outbuildings/garages or the garden waste bin (recycling would have to be unbagged before putting into blue lid bin).  

Flats, apartments, sheltered housing and properties with communal bin stores will be joining the scheme at a later date following individual site assessments.

Do you want to increase your recycling, but your blue bin is always full? Request a bigger blue bin.

Things you can put in your blue lid recycling bin:

  • paper (all types clean and dry)
  • cardboard and card (clean and dry)
  • food and drink cans
  • food and drink cartons
  • plastic packaging (including yogurt and margarine pots, plastic food trays and plastic bottles)
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic carrier bags - please empty bags before putting these in your recycling bin
  • aerosol cans (empty)
  • Wrapping paper - unless it is shiny, or contains foil or metallic particles
All materials for recycling should be in your blue lid bin loose and dry.

Please note that we cannot accept the following materials, as we can't recycle them:

  • black bags
  • clothing - consider taking them to your local charity shop or put out with a charity textile collection
  • textiles - including curtains, duvets, pillows or other bedding
  • hard plastics, including toys, coat hangers, empty paint tins, plastic plant pots etc
  • food waste - this should go in your brown food waste container, to be recycled separately
  • wood
  • nappies
  • electrical items including irons, toasters, hair dryers etc
  • carpets, mats, rugs
  • footwear, including boots and shoes
  • crisp packets
  • polystyrene plastic
  • cuddly toys
  • kitchenware
  • bubble wrap
  • car parts
  • wrapping paper which is shiny, or contains foil or metallic particles
  • gas bottles or cylinders (including small helium balloon cylinders - these can be taken to the tip at Shidas Lane

Please see the list of additional items that can be recycled at the Household Recycling Centre.

Please note that we can’t empty recycling bins when they contain items that can’t be recycled and we will work with residents to help get it right. 

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