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Single person discount

Apply for a single person discount

A single person discount of 25% can be awarded if there is only one adult over the age of 18 living at a property. You can apply online using the form below. 

Apply for single person discount

If your application is successful we will send you a revised Council Tax bill showing a 25% reduction.  

If you falsely claim this discount you may be liable to pay a penalty.

Remove your single person discount

If you are already receiving a discount and another adult moves in or someone in your household turns 18 you must tell us within 21 days or you may be forced to pay a fine. You can tell us that you should no longer get a single person discount using the form below.

Remove your single person discount

Single person discount review

We write to people who receive a 25% single occupier discount on their Council Tax and ask them if they are still the only person living in the property. For more information on this or if you have received one of these letters please go to our single person discount review page