Single person discount review

Each year, we write to people who receive a 25% single occupier discount on their Council Tax and ask them if they are still the only person living in the property.

We have a legal obligation to review all Council Tax accounts that receive a 25% single person discount.

As part of this review, you must inform us of any changes in your home that may affect the discount you receive, for example, if a new partner or tenant moves in, or when a child becomes 18.

We use external agencies to help us identify properties that may no longer be entitled to the discount.

You will receive a letter from Sandwell Council asking you to confirm the current situation at your property by following the instructions provided to make sure that your Council Tax is accurate.

You can respond to the letter online through MySandwell.

Respond to a letter reviewing your single person discount

If you do not respond, your discount will be removed from your Council Tax account and a new bill will be sent to you for the increased amount.

We have a duty to protect public funds and we will use information provided by residents to prevent and detect fraud. Any person who gets a single person discount must inform the council of any changes which may affect their discount.

In accordance with Schedule 3 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 a £70 penalty will be charged where a person does not return the forms sent out as part of this review and as a result does not notify the council without reasonable excuse that the discount should not apply or no longer applies.

The information may also be shared, when appropriate, with other council sections and other organisations responsible for public funds.