Guidelines for anyone wishing to hold a street party, street festival or carnival in Sandwell.

Closure of Street for Street party/Festival/Carnival

If you are interested in applying for permission to close a street you will need to read the guidelines below.

  1. The overall event organiser must provide his/her name, address and telephone number and will have responsibility for all matters, including noise, food safety and health and safety.
  2. The extent of the proposed area to be closed must be agreed with the Sandwell Safety at Public Events Group. Permission would not normally be granted on main roads/bus routes. Cul-de-sacs will be favoured.
  3. The area can only be closed for the hours agreed.
  4. The approval of all residents affected must be obtained, since access to property or properties where residents object could cause conflict.
    Evidence of all the residents consent should be provided. (Names, addresses and signatures). The party must not be held for profit.
  5. The closing of the street will be an acknowledgement that the organisers of the party accept responsibility for all claims arising from the use of the street for the purposes of the party. The applicant shall submit proof of their Public Liability Insurance for the sum of £2 million to indemnify the Council against any claim for damages which may arise resulting from the public gathering. Evidence of insurance should be provided.
  6. The street must be effectively closed to vehicles at each end of the closure area by the erection of conspicuous barriers although access for emergency vehicles must be maintained. No property must be more that 100 metres from the end of the closure to enable rescue procedures to be carried out if necessary.
  7. At each barrier, the following sign must be placed securely: 'Road Closed' - This sign must accord with The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 1994 and must be reflectorised.
  8. Where required as part of the consent the following signs shall also be provided. Signs reading 'Diverted Traffic' with an arrow pointing in the appropriate direction must be clearly displayed and securely fixed along the alternative route (this will not apply, of course, where the party is being held in a cul-de-sac). At each barrier a 'Diversion' sign with an arrow pointing in the direction of the alternative route must be placed securely. All these signs must accord with The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 1994 and must be reflectorised.
  9. When barriers and signs are erected, it is advisable to assess the effectiveness by someone other than the person who erected the signs actually driving up to the barriers and along the diversionary route in a test run, to see that they are clearly visible and will not lead to misunderstanding.
  10. If buntings, streamers or any overhead obstruction is erected, care must be taken to site them high enough to allow free passage of vehicles.
    If such obstructions are to be in a position outside the time when the length of street is closed, they must be fixed at a height of not less that 16' 6".
  11. All barriers, signs, obstructions etc., must be removed on completion of the event and the street left in a clean and safe condition. All litter and refuse must also be removed.
  12. Damage must not be occasioned to Council property e.g. lamp standards, road surfaces, footways, drainage etc.
  13. Metal stakes or similar must not be driven into the road or footway surfaces, or into the grass verges or grassed service strips in certain areas (i.e. accessways). (The organiser's attention is drawn not only to the damage which would be caused to those surfaces, but also to the hidden dangers which lie beneath in the form of electricity cables, gas mains, water mains etc.).
  14. Any heating appliances used must not damage the road or footway surface or grass verges. (The organiser's attention is drawn to the possible dangers from fire which could be caused by certain heating appliances).
  15. Bonfires will not be allowed in the street under any circumstances.
  16. Amplified music must be controlled to such a level as to minimise nuisance to other neighbours.
  17. In the event of being required to do so by an Officer of the Council or Officer of the emergency services, i.e. police, ambulance or fire, the organisers must immediately arrange to clear any part or the whole of the street of an obstruction.
  18. The provisions of all Acts and Orders e.g. those relating to behaviour, nuisance, damage, etc., must be observed during the period of street closures.
  19. The organisers attention is drawn to the possible consequences of persons under 18 consuming alcohol in a street under the terms of the Confiscation of Alcohol (Young Persons) Act 1997.
  20. Unfortunately, the Council cannot provide equipment and/or services and these must be arranged entirely by the organisers.
  21. If approved, the Police will be informed of your event, as will the ambulance and fire services.

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