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Rent a council property

Every week, we advertise a list of the houses, flats etc we have available to rent. The system we use is known as 'choice based lettings' or 'CBL'.

To apply to rent a council property you will first need to join the housing register. This allows you to make a choice about where you live.

Before you join the register, you must check you are eligible.

Join the housing register

Once you are registered and if you meet the right criteria you can bid for a property. Bidding means expressing an interest in a property and does not involve money

There are more people looking for council homes in Sandwell than there are properties available. As a result, you may experience a long wait before we are able to find you a home. We recommend you also consider other housing options, for example housing associations or private renting.

To join the housing register you must be aged 18 or over, and be legally living in the UK. You will also need to meet certain criteria. If you meet the criteria, you will need to complete a registration form, and send or return it to your nearest Local Centre.

Once we have processed your application you will receive a letter along with your membership number. If we are unable to register your application we will write to you to tell you why.

Due to our current backlog of housing applications there is likely to be at least a 12 week delay following receipt of your form and required supporting information before we contact you.

Sandwell Council has reviewed its Housing Allocations Policy which affects who can apply for the council housing register and the band you are likely to be allocated. Your band will affect your position on the register and will influence how quickly you secure a property. The new policy came into effect on 1 July 2020.

For more information about the changes, whether you can join the register and the band you are likely to be placed in, please see the Two Minute Guide document. This should answer many of your questions. You can also read the full policy here.

Already on the housing register? How to bid for a property

If you have joined our housing register you can apply for a property.

Once you're on the register you can 'bid' for up to three properties you are interested in each week. Find out more about bidding from our frequently asked questions page.

Only applicants who have a child aged 16 years or under moving with them and for whom they claim child benefit will be eligible to receive an offer of a house. If you are successful in being accepted onto the housing register and you do not have children, you will be offered a flat, apartment or maisonette.

Sandwell Council take payment for rent by direct debit. If you are offered a council property you will need to have your bank account details available when you are invited to sign the tenancy agreement.

Find and bid for properties

You can also see the properties we have available in our Property Shop Newsletter.

Bidding for the first time?

Before you can bid, you need to register for our online service to get a username and password to access our online bidding system.

When is the best time to bid?

The latest list of available properties goes live every Wednesday and is available until midnight on the following Monday.

There is no need to rush to the website first thing on a Wednesday - we don't give preference to people who bid first.

You can log on any time during the week up until midnight on Monday to check which properties are available and bid on them if you are interested. Properties are not given on a first come, first served basis.

Please note - you can't bid on a Tuesday.

If you are bidding for a property, please be aware that this website is often very busy when properties become available on a Wednesday.

To make changes to your application

If your circumstances have changed since you completed your original application form, you will need to let us know.

Make changes to your application