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Private landlord advice

Private Landlords


The next forum will be taking place at 4pm on Thursday 21st October 2021. Details on how to join this meeting will be given shortly. If you are interested and have any questions, please email us:


We have created a Landlord Magazine that has a range of information regarding information about Tenants, Tenant Fee's, Housing Benefit, Universal Credit and a lot more! Please have a read of our magazine here


Being a private sector housing landlord is a serious business venture. At Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, we aim to help landlords achieve a high standard in their conduct, approach and properties. You will need to comply with the current legislation which you will find in our Landlord Pack.

Landlords need to take care of their tenants, act in a professional way and follow all council and government regulations. Any landlord who doesn't, can be faced with prosecution and fines. So please use our pages to help you be a good landlord.

Make sure your property is up to standard and a safe place to live in. 

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) is a government based set of standards used by local authorities to protect against potential hazards to the well-being and safety of tenants in their homes. It was introduced under the Housing Act 2004 and applies to residential properties in England and Wales.

There is an official government guidance on how the system works for landlords to read. This guidance is aimed at non-specialists, in particular private landlords, to help them understand their obligations under the law and take necessary steps in order for their tenants to feel safe and secure in their homes. 

Sandwell has produced a short guide for landlords to familiarise themselves with the risks, but for more a more detailed guideline, please refer to the guidance from the government above.

For more information or advice, contact us via email: or call us on 0121 368 1177 - option 7. 

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