We are dedicated to creating a Slavery Free Sandwell, where all individuals are free from the chains of modern slavery and exploitation. In this section, we outline our vision, strategies, and collaborative efforts to build a community that is resilient, vigilant, and actively working towards eradicating modern slavery.

As leaders in Sandwell, we, the undersigned, are fully committed to eradicating modern slavery within our Borough. We acknowledge the gravity of this issue and the urgent need for collective action. By signing this pledge, we affirm our dedication to working collaboratively with national and local government, law enforcement agencies, businesses, the voluntary and community sector, faith bodies, and our local communities.

Our Strategy:

Vision and Goal:

Our vision is to create a borough where modern slavery is completely eradicated, and all individuals are free from exploitation and abuse. Aligned with the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goal 8.7, we strive to eliminate forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking, and the worst forms of child labour and exploitation by 2030.

Strong Local Leadership:

We will demonstrate strong local leadership by taking a proactive stance in leading and supporting anti-slavery initiatives within our Borough. Through our commitment, we will drive change and foster a united front against modern slavery.

Raising Awareness:

We will actively raise awareness among our staff, associates, and the people we serve daily. By educating and informing others about the signs, risks, and consequences of slavery, we aim to create a culture of vigilance and empowerment.

Training and Capacity Building:

We recognise the importance of equipping our staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and respond appropriately to potential signs of slavery. We will invest in comprehensive training programs to enhance their capacity and strengthen our collective ability to combat modern slavery effectively.

Sharing Intelligence and Information:

We are committed to actively sharing intelligence and information to detect and prevent instances of slavery. By fostering a collaborative network and implementing an information-sharing system, we aim to disrupt and dismantle modern slavery operations in our area.

Support for Victims and Survivors:

We prioritise providing support and assistance to victims and survivors within our communities. Through partnerships with support organisations, we ensure that victims receive the necessary care, protection, and pathways to recovery.

Slave-Free Supply Chains:

We recognise the importance of responsible procurement practices and the need to remove slave-based labour from our supply chains. We will diligently work to identify and eliminate any instances of exploitation in our supply chains through rigorous monitoring, due diligence, and engagement with suppliers.

Building a Prosperous and Slavery-Free Local Economy:

We actively contribute to building a prosperous local economy that is free from slavery. By supporting ethical business practices, promoting fair employment, and fostering sustainable economic growth, we strive to create an environment where exploitation has no place.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

We understand that eradicating modern slavery requires collaboration and partnerships. We will work closely with national and local government agencies, law enforcement, businesses, voluntary organisations, community groups, and faith bodies to pool resources, share best practices, and collectively address this issue.

By upholding this pledge, we send a strong message that modern slavery will not be tolerated within our Borough. We call upon all stakeholders to join us in this endeavour, as together, we can create a future where every individual is free, protected, and empowered. Through our collective efforts, we will build a Slavery-Free Sandwell that serves as a model for other communities, ensuring that the rights and dignity of all individuals are upheld.